In the Press

Urbana Town Courier November 29, 2019

Second annual Educate Girls Superhero 5K!

UNICEF Newsletter November 2019

Educated another 37 girls, bringing the total to 71 girls educated since our founding!

Urbana Town Courier August 30, 2019

Carolyn Pascal provides platform for indigenous people to be heard.

Frederick News Post March 26, 2019

Carolyn Pascal educates 34 girls in Malawi in the first year of leading her nonprofit!

Ijamsville Living February 2019 Issue

Our 5K had 150 registered runners and 40 volunteers!

Frederick News Post August 21, 2018

Educate Girls Superhero 5K run!

Urbana Town Courier August 31, 2018

Charity reaches across the globe! 

Frederick News Post May 14, 2018

Leadership Award

Ijamsville Living October 2018 Issue

Be a Superhero! Support Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger!