Why Educating Girls Matters

  • In developing nations, educated teenage girls can end the cycle of poverty for their families in one generation
  • Girls who receive a secondary education marry later, have fewer children, earn higher wages, and support healthier families
  • Educating girls greatly reduces their risk of contracting HIV, dying during childbirth, and suffering a host of hunger-related diseases, many of which are fatal to children
  • Every year 3,000,000 children die from hunger-related disease

Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger, Inc. is working to end this suffering. All proceeds from our 2019 fundraising efforts go to educate impoverished girls in Malawi, Africa

Help Our Cause


A mere $177 pays for a Malawian girl to attend one year of school, including tuition, room and board, textbooks, transportation, school uniform, and learning supplies. Your donation of any amount would be such a big help! 

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2nd Annual Educate Girls Superhero 5K with 1K Fun Run