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What we do


We inform the public that providing girls secondary schooling can end the cycle of hunger. 

We raise funds to support nonprofit organizations that educate girls in developing countries. 


About the founder

 When I was 12 years old, I realized that the first step in achieving peace is ensuring people’s basic needs are met. It seemed so simple to my 12-year-old self, give food to those in need--problem solved. Eager to get started, I contacted our local food bank and learned of the many required necessities in our community and convinced local grocers to allow me to hold outreach events. Over the next three years, I led 20 outreach events, spoke to hundreds of community members, and collected 3,631 needed items. While researching the causes of hunger worldwide for my Girl Scout Gold Award project I explored devastating facts not normally discussed in the classroom: girls who do not attend secondary school are more likely to contract HIV, die during childbirth, have more children than they can afford to feed. Learning that the single most effective solution to hunger in developing nations is educating teenage girls, I knew I had found my life’s work. Over the weeks that followed, I structured a ten-year plan for my life: educate 100 impoverished girls while completing high school, college, and law school so I can devote my career to fighting for the vulnerable. Quickly learning that I needed the infrastructure of a nonprofit to perform the most basic tasks—open a bank account, create a PayPal account, issue tax exempt receipts, etc.-- and unable to find an existing one I founded Educate Girls to Eradicate Hunger, Inc.  In our first year of operation, Educate Girls provided tuition, room & board, and uniforms to 34 girls in Malawi for an entire year, engaged donors from Connecticut to Australia to Florida to Washington state, and our Educate Girls Superhero 5K engaged 150 runners from seven states to join our fight to end hunger in developing nations. After learning that the overwhelming majority of nations deemed “developing” have endured imperialism that nearly eclipsed the cultures and identities of the indigenous peoples and learning of my own indigenous heritage, I founded the Indigenous Peoples Literature Society to help educate the public about some of the least known cultures of the world. Since June 2019 I have led workshops at my public library, a runners expo, a youth summit, a book fair at Barnes & Noble, and various book groups to expose the public to cultures of indigenous peoples from Oceania, the Americas, Africa, and Asia through their own words in literature by indigenous authors. For more information, please visit the Indigenous Peoples Literature Society page on this website. 


About the board


Carolyn T. Pascal, President and CEO

Katherine Suarez, Secretary

Teresa Pascal, Treasurer

Jo Ostby, Director at Large

Cheryl Richardson, Director at Large